20 January, 2013

Two new pinballs

Two new pinball tables made their appearance with the new year. The first is Rob-o-bot from Nena innovation. It's not their first pinball: they have, among others, produced Dino madness which I found somehow cute. The new Rob-o-bot pinball

is based on, you guessed it, a robot theme. Again it's a cute game with nice graphics and decent physics. Is it interesting? Well, not really, at least to my taste (and I am perfectly aware that this is a subjective judgment).

Farsight continues publishing classic pinball tables. This times it's "Attack from Mars"

A nice table but which did not manage to get me hooked. At least this new issue was the occasion for Farsight to correct their monstrous mistake with the fixed landscape orientation introduced with Star Trek. Now you can play in portrait mode, which rehabilitates the iPhone. Whether you can really play on the iPhone is another question, see below.

Since I was having two new pinballs from two different companies I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the ball visibility. See for yourself. 

When I first looked at the Attack from Mars table I thought I had made a screenshot without the ball. I let you judge for yourself whether you can play Farsight pinballs on the iPhone with this "camouflaged" ball.

02 January, 2013

Dream Pinball 3D

In August I wrote about an unofficial port of Dream Pinball 3D through a Wine emulator. The game did make its appearance on the App Store recently:

Having played the emulated version I am not particularly interested in purchasing the App Store version but, all in all, it is a decent game and one could give it a try.

Since I am writing about App Store pinballs I should point out that Gameprom is proposing Mac versions of all their pinballs, previously available only on idevices.