01 January, 2018

A FarSight pinball for the new year

Just before Christmas FarSight released a new table. Having been caught up with the holidays I have not been able to report on this before the end of 2017 and thus I will begin the 2018 posts with it. 

Pistol Poker is a table from the 90s: 

Curiously, it corresponds to one of the smallest sales of physical tables with only 200 unit produced. Having played it I can understand the lack of interest. There are games that I like at first sight and others which I come to appreciate after having played a few games. However, I could not relate to Pistol Poker even after having tried it on two different iPads. I do not find the gameplay sufficiently interesting and the ball that drains all too easily is making things worse. It's not the best pinball to start the year with but on the other hand we should not be too picky: if FarSight stops producing new pinballs we will be left with zilch. 

24 December, 2017

The sad state of iOS pinballs

I am regularly visiting the TouchArcade page, where one can find most useful info concerning iOS games, both released and upcoming. They are not particularly fond of pinballs but one can find an occasional reference to Zen and FarSight tables. Today I ran across their sum-up of the year in games.

They are giving their list of the top 100 iOS games. And, guess what, not a single pinball  has made the list. I cannot judge the value of their list not being an expert in games other than pinballs. I could recognise some games I do appreciate like Flip-flop, Framed, Monument Valley but no pinball. (By the way, I went back to the best of 2016 and 2015 lists. Same thing: no pinball). Although we are talking here about the TouchArcade people preferences, the fact that pinballs have been totally ignored is telling. Are we witnessing the end of digital pinball? I am not very optimistic.

23 December, 2017

Just before the turn of the year: two new Zen pinballs

Two new Zen pinball tables made their appearance recently. They are part of what was initially the Zen one line, which now has expanded to include all the non-franchise tables. The first table is Adventure Land, and is based on a theme which is very popular among pinball devs, an amusement park.

It is graphically superb although the high in colours playfield makes following the ball somewhat difficult. Still I did enjoy the game, all the more so since the ball does not drain too easily. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game.

Quite the opposite is true for the second table: Hercules. Given the title one would expect something loosely based on Hercules' labours. Unfortunately what we got was an ugly table without any link to the hero's myth. 

While I am not a great fan of Zen pinballs I do acknowledge their good taste when it comes to creating original tables. In this case they did disappoint me. So, unless you are a Zen pinball collector you can safely forget about this table.