03 February, 2018

Another FarSight pinball

I realise that a whole month has passed without any pinball news. Well, this is the sad state of digital pinball. Where it not for FarSight I would be an unemployed pinball-blogger. On the other hand as I wrote some time ago I am not going to try to pad the blog with articles on uninteresting stuff. So, I write whenever there is something worth writing about. This time it's the new Pinball Arcade table, Sorcerer.

It's a game from the mid 80s and it has the simple structure of the tables of that period.  The playfield is particularly uncluttered and the rather dark colours make the choice of a visible ball rather easy. The game play is medium interesting but one has to be extra careful is one wishes to reach a high score since the ball has the tendency to drain rather easily. I must admit that I have rather mixed feelings about this game and all in all I don't think I will come back to this game after the novelty has worn out.

One thing that i liked particularly about Sorcerer was the artwork of the backglass. You can judge for yourselves.

If the tabs I keep are correct, Sorcerer may be the last table of Season 7. It will then be a particularly small one, with just 10 tables, like seasons 3 and 4. But then I may be wrong.