08 August, 2018

The blog is six years old

The downturn continues. Last year (and the one before) I was disappointed because the blog had only 6500 visits. This year we reached a total of 38000 which means that we are down to 6000 views per year. 

Is there any hope for the things to improve? None at all. Digital pinball is moribund and the few remaining hardcore fans do not bother to visit the blog for non-existent news. With the recent FarSight debacle no optimism is allowed for the next year. So, as I was writing last year, the blog is on life-support and will be occasionally updated, when there is something to write about. On the other hand I am not taking it down and it will continue to exist, be it only for its historical value.

01 August, 2018

Just before the KO

We all know what happened to the FarSight table collection: on July 1st 2/3 of the collection  namely all Williams/Bally tables, disappeared. Fortunately FarSight did alert us well in advance and so people had some time in order to complete their collections. While this was true for the iOS version which was regularly updated, things were more complicated for the Mac. There hadn't been any update for more than a year and thus it seemed like the Mac collection would remain amputated, missing the very last tables.

Fortunately FarSight reacted in time and version 7 did make its appearance just in time for people to buy the Williams/Bally tables while still available. I just hope that all of you did manage to do so. For me, I find it really great to be able to play Banzai Run on the Mac (although, as I have already written, the iPad Pro is great for playing pinball and for some tables I obtain better scores compared to the Mac).