01 April, 2019

Here comes the third batch of Zen-Williams tables

I am not keeping a precise track but I have the impression that Zen is releasing one batch of three Williams-Bally tables every two-three months. This amounts to one new table per month which is not that bad. As long as this goes on we should not complain. Right now with most pinball developers having gone out of business and FarSight moribund (perhaps I am a tad too pessimistic there) having Zen resuscitating the old classics is a real consolation. Of course those are tables that already existed in the Pinball Arcade collection (and which we had paid for) but, who cares, they are there and hopefully will not disappear like the ones from FarSight. Three new table were offered this time:

Theatre of Magic,

Champion Pub,

and Safe Cracker

I played all three in the Zen-enhanced version. Purists can opt for the classic one, which is devoid of any Zen-specific animations. But in the case of Zen-Williams pinballs the animations are unobtrusive and do not spoil the gameplay. One can even argue that they add a "je ne sais quoi" to it. Anyhow the three tables are excellent and definitely worth the 10 or so euros one must pay in order to acquire them.