16 June, 2013

Gameprom? Sony Music?

It looks as if Gameprom has created some music-oriented pinballs for Sony. Already the two existing Gameprom titles, Slayer and AC/DC, must have licensed music from Sony, and in fact are part of this new bundle. Three new tables are offered. The first Pinball Rocks

is free, while the remaining two, Alice in Chains

and Bullet for my Valentine

can be purchased from within the app. The price is the same as for the two aforementioned music-themed pinballs (a tad high for my taste). 

Did I like these pinballs? Frankly I can't tell. The physics is OK (standard Gameprom), the graphics are heavily 3D and in fact not bad at all. The light effects manage not to spoil the gameplay and the ball is clearly visible at all times.
Of course I hate the music (I am a latin music aficionado) and I do not like the idea of in app purchases for extra balls and for multiball play. I cross my fingers that the latter do not set a trend.

Since Pinball Rocks is free you should give it a try and shape your own opinion.

04 June, 2013

ProPinball is coming

I know, I have already written about the ProPinball revival project being alive but since I received an email announcing the impending Kickstarter project for Timeshock I cannot contain my enthusiasm. Apparently the Kickstarter campaign will launch in July (not an optimal choice with people going on vacation) and just to make us salivate the developers proposed a Timeshock Lighting simulation. In the screen capture below I have set the total illumination at almost maximum and kept the table lights very dim:

Now we have to wait till July and then cross our fingers hoping that the Kickstarter will be successful this time.