22 September, 2013

ProPinball forum is up and running

Now that Timeshock has passed, with flying colours, the Kickstarter test we can prepare for its resurrection some time soon.
By the way, I cracked and went for alpha/beta test, so expect to have impressions on the very first versions of Timeshock in a near future.

Meanwhile there is a place I recommend that you visit, the ProPinball forum here

It is a place for pinball fans and one expects that in the following months it will become the meeting place of ProPinball aficionados.

It is by visiting the forum that I stumbled upon a post that gave some interesting  links to Hardcore Gaming 101 (I ignored its existence till now). They have some very detailed historical-oriented articles on pinball, like for instance the one on 21st Century Entertainment who produced, among many others, the famous games Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies (which, were never ported to the Mac: I had to wait for the iPhone/iPad in order to play them). A visit to Hardcore Gaming 101 may be interesting in particular for retro-gaming fans.

07 September, 2013

Kickstarter for Timeshock is a success

The 40000 sterling pounds goal for the recreation of the Timeshock ProPinball has been attained. With a week to go, the first stretch goal, which will make possible for the game to be developed for Linux, has also been reached.

I pledged a conservative 35 £ plus 5 £ for the Special Gold Virtual Pinball add-on. I was itching to go for the 90 £ tier and get to be an alpha-beta tester but the amount was a little bit stiff and I do not care for the boxed copy (which would have set me back another 10 £ for shipping). I was planning to upgrade my pledge only if my contribution would have been essential into pushing the total amount towards the goal. 

Well, no alpha/beta test for me and so I'll have to wait for the final version before publishing anything in the blog ... unless there's a last minute surprise from the developers.