01 January, 2018

A FarSight pinball for the new year

Just before Christmas FarSight released a new table. Having been caught up with the holidays I have not been able to report on this before the end of 2017 and thus I will begin the 2018 posts with it. 

Pistol Poker is a table from the 90s: 

Curiously, it corresponds to one of the smallest sales of physical tables with only 200 unit produced. Having played it I can understand the lack of interest. There are games that I like at first sight and others which I come to appreciate after having played a few games. However, I could not relate to Pistol Poker even after having tried it on two different iPads. I do not find the gameplay sufficiently interesting and the ball that drains all too easily is making things worse. It's not the best pinball to start the year with but on the other hand we should not be too picky: if FarSight stops producing new pinballs we will be left with zilch.