18 September, 2014

Farsight is a blogger’s blessing

I am criticising Farsight all the time, mostly on technical grounds (but also, since the launch of the Season 3 tables, for their exaggerated pricing). Still, I must admit that when it comes to providing material for a blog, Farsight is the blogger’s friend. Every month they are proposing a new table and thus they offer me the possibility to update my blog. (I know, I am being unfair. Farsight is important in the digital pinball world because they are reviving the classics and this is highly commendable. Still, from my egoistic point of view, the main usefulness of Farsight is that they help keeping the blog alive).

This month’s table is a great classic (Bram Stoker’s) Dracula.

This table, unless I misunderstood, is the last one of season 3. (Let’s hope season 4 does not bring another price hike). I did like the table, although you have to play it with a white ball in order to have some chance at a decent play. The feature I liked most was chasing the ghost ball. The uncluttered playfield makes for a rather easygoing game were it not for the central drain which is large as a highway. It is really unfortunate that just when the game becomes interesting the ball drains and frustration starts setting in.