02 April, 2017

Swords of Fury: the new FarSight table

Last month I made the prediction that Cactus Jack’s was to be the last table of season 6. I was wrong. Season 6 continues with a new table bringing thus its total to 12, compared to 11 for season 5 and just 10 for seasons 3 and 4. Anyhow the numbering of the seasons is immaterial and what counts is the fact that new tables keep arriving. So, this month’s table is Swords of Fury:

It’s an almost 30 years’s old table. The playfield is high in colours and thus one has to make the proper choice for the ball. I chose the blue one but probably the green one would be equally visible. The game is interesting and far from easy. I did particularly like the two single flippers. The one situated at the very upper left part is a kind on mini game in itself and keeping the ball going is rather tricky. 

So, if you like oldies (in fact, even if you don’t) give this game a try. But don’t expect to excel in it unless you invest some time in order to master it.