04 November, 2018

FarSight Stern Star Trek pinball

By now all the Stern tables have been incorporated into the Pinball Arcade but since I have never reported on them, for good measure, I am going back and playing them. And while I am at this, I am playing the same tables on the Pinball Arcade just to see if there are differences. In fact, FarSight has always had different teams working on the various platforms, which explains the differences between the MacOS and iOS versions of the same table. 

Today I am writing about the Stern Star Trek table. The full title is Star Trek: Vengeance Premium, so as to avoid any confusion with the Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation one. Here is the Stern Arcade screenshot

and here is the Pinball Arcade one 

No big differences but the more sober Pinball Arcade background makes for better visibility. And, what is more, Pinball Arcade offers a choice of balls, something absent from the Stern Arcade. However, to be fair, given the table graphics, even the usually invisible standard ball manages to stay visible on this table.

I did like the game: it is rather unsophisticated, but since the ball does not drain too easily one can really enjoy playing it. It's one of the few games remaining in the Pinball Arcade collection and if you haven't acquired it before the debacle you could give it a try.