01 March, 2019

They lost their mind

I am talking about FarSight. I have been complaining about the ball which manages due to the reflections they have added to it to make it almost invisible thanks to a chameleon effect. I was hoping that one daythey were going to fix this. Well, I was deluding myself.

The recent update of the iOS Pinball Arcade made things even worse. You can judge for yourself. Here is the ball I selected.

I chose one that was very dark, perhaps not one with the ideal contrast with the table (I usually play with a blue one in this table) but one that suffices in order to illustrate my point. 

And here is what you get. Where did the deep red colour go? It just disappeared  from the mirror-like surface. 

Previously (and I am talking about the times before the Williams divorce) there was a solid black ball without reflections. It was ideal when the table was a light-coloured one. It just disappeared together with the special Wiliams-inspired balls. Why? Does a solid black ball fall under the Williams copyright?

I wonder if the people who are programming in FarSight ever play pinball themselves.