15 November, 2017

FarSight's new record

I have been complaining (for quite some time now) about the scoring bug affecting Big Shot. It's not a systematic one. From time to time the score in the game's counter is not properly updated and there is a 10 k difference between that score and the final one. The problem exists in both the MacOS and iOS version.  

This time I got a new record. Instead of a 10 k difference I got a whopping 40 k one. I don't know of any other game where this does happen (but then I am only playing a handful of tables on a regular basis). However, even if the bug existed only for Big Shot that would still be a shame. In particular since it's been years since I have been pointing this out. But FatSight will always be FarSight.

12 November, 2017

Ghostbusters Premium, by FarSight

Season 7 of Pinball Arcade just got a new table, Ghostbusters Premium. FarSight has already proposed a Ghostbusters table but that was a slight modification of the Haunted House one (and a below-par table). The new Ghostbusters, with the "premium" added to its name is a brand new table. 

And one I did not enjoy in the least. First, it refused to play on my iPad mini claiming that there not enough RAM. When I did manage to get it to run on my brand new, 10.5", iPad Pro, I discovered a table with so garish colours as to make the choice of a proper ball impossible. One might as well play with the standard ball. (That's what i did, in fact). I am not a Ghostbusters fan: I have not seen the movie and I do not care. Perhaps, if you have liked the Ghostbusters saga you could relate with this table. I could not. I played just long enough to get a rough idea (and be able to write this post) and now I am going to forget about this table.