25 December, 2013

Friend's influence and another table

This is not a new table. It is part of the Star Wars series of Zen Studios I wrote about some time ago. However my friend NIck/Doc chimed in suggesting that I give it a try. So here it is: "The return of the Jedi"

It is indeed a very nice table. Graphically superb and with animations that do not manage to spoil the gameplay. However I do not really like the flippers of Zen pinballs: they are only marginally better than the ones of Farsight and at moments the game experience is suffering because of this. Not a bad table overall but not one I will be spending an appreciable amount of time.

23 December, 2013

Linking to a most interesting, must-read, article

My friend Nick/Doc has posted a thorough comparison of Farsight pinballs on Steam vs theones from AppStore. I urge all of you to hop over to Doc's and read that article.

Concerning the difference in quality between Steam and Apple versions

I have observed the same effect between iOS and OSX. My guess is that it has something to do with the graphic card and its driver: I got the washed-out colours only on some of my iMacs. On the iPad (and also on the iPhone) all is OK. 

Concerning the more powerful flippers, I am not surprised. Farsight flippers are lousy and probably the Farsight people themselves ended up by realising it and doing something since they were preparing a new version of physics, specific for Steam.

Ah, if only Littlewing hadn't folded...

Double treat for year's end

If we were wondering how we were going to occupy our free time during the end-of-year vacations Farsight and Zen Studios provided the solution: two new (and interesting) tables are there.

For Farsight it was occasion to launch what they call the Season three family of tables. The first instalment is Fish Tales

a table very nice graphically, designed by Mark Ritchie. It features a boat on the, largely uncluttered, playfield, a fishing reel and a fishing-rod-shaped plunger. The highly coloured theme is making following the "invisible" Farsight ball particularly difficult. (Following the advice of my friend Nick I have started experimenting with different balls. I will report as soon as I have something conclusive).

Zen Studios presented a table with a Dr. Strange theme

I usually dislike the excessive 3D animations of the Zen pinballs. However, in this case, I found that they were rather unobtrusive and did not spoil the gameplay. Am I going to spend much time on the Dr. Strange table? I do not think so. Although the table is nice graphically I was not hooked by the play. Your opinion may vary, though.

17 December, 2013

Progress report on Timeshock

By now you all know that as a Kickstarter supporter I have access to the Pro Pinball VIP forum. Adrian Barritt is posting regularly there and I decided that I would share a short progress report with you. (I hope Ade does not mind).

Over the last month there have been updates concerning high resolution renders, what is called "the first lamp" and finally a main menu mock-up

They all look great. Work is progressing along at reasonable speed. No estimate can be given concerning the alpha/beta test but rest assured that as soon as this becomes available I will share my impressions with you.