24 March, 2013

Two Farsights and one Zen

Farsight came up again with two new tables. The first, Central Park, 

is an oldie, five-ball pinball. However I did not appreciate it a lot. The gameplay is not particularly interesting and the ball drains far too easily.
The second, Cactus Canyon,

is a game that I liked really a lot. Quite funny with many interesting things to do, it managed to get me hooked despite the rather cluttered playfield and the Farsight-classic invisible ball.

The Zen pinball is not a new one. On an impulse I went back and purchased the table Paranormal

of Zen Studios. I came across it while browsing the manuals of the Zen games and I did like it. Indeed it is a decent game and, what I do appreciate a lot, it has fewer moving gewgaws than the other Zen tables. Still, why on earth do they have the Loch Ness monster, on the lower left side, move its head?