22 February, 2013

The new Farsight tables

Two more Farsight tables made their appearance this week but I prefer to start with a table that I had missed when it came out: Genie.

I love this table. It has an uncluttered playfield and the five (!) flippers add extra spice to the game. Moreover the graphics allow you to follow the invisible-farsight ball without too much eye-strain. Moreover it is an old-school five-ball game something that I consider a plus.

The two new games are Firepower 

and Dr. Dude. 

I did not appreciate Firepower despite its uncluttered playfield. I find the gameplay uninteresting. Moreover this pinball is a very fast one and thus the ball drains a little bit too easily to my taste.

Dr. Dude on the other hand is pure fun. It has a really cluttered playfield and the graphics help making the ball invisible (try to locate it on the screenshot) but still I do love the game. It has a je ne sais quoi that I find appealing. After all pinball preferences are a pure matter of personal taste, so ... 

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