24 March, 2013

Two Farsights and one Zen

Farsight came up again with two new tables. The first, Central Park, 

is an oldie, five-ball pinball. However I did not appreciate it a lot. The gameplay is not particularly interesting and the ball drains far too easily.
The second, Cactus Canyon,

is a game that I liked really a lot. Quite funny with many interesting things to do, it managed to get me hooked despite the rather cluttered playfield and the Farsight-classic invisible ball.

The Zen pinball is not a new one. On an impulse I went back and purchased the table Paranormal

of Zen Studios. I came across it while browsing the manuals of the Zen games and I did like it. Indeed it is a decent game and, what I do appreciate a lot, it has fewer moving gewgaws than the other Zen tables. Still, why on earth do they have the Loch Ness monster, on the lower left side, move its head?

1 comment:

  1. These two (Zen and the Farsight tables) are the only motivation I can think of to install Lion.. They are clearly worth the effort. One thing though.. have they yet (Pinball Arcade) assigned a keyboard button yet to launch the ball?.
    And.. have they added the option to use flipper keys instead of than the "arrow" keys, like a cheap flash game? , I DO NOT want to use my mouse to launch the ball, and using the arrow keys for flippers is, well.... it is SOO cheesy..
    Maybe these guys haven't even tried to play pinball on a keyboard.. You mentioned "sloppiness" ? Well, here's a *real* example of sloppiness.. They clearly are thinking of Mac users, but didn't put any thought into the "user experience" of those on a Mac...
    Cheers Basil! Doc