04 June, 2013

ProPinball is coming

I know, I have already written about the ProPinball revival project being alive but since I received an email announcing the impending Kickstarter project for Timeshock I cannot contain my enthusiasm. Apparently the Kickstarter campaign will launch in July (not an optimal choice with people going on vacation) and just to make us salivate the developers proposed a Timeshock Lighting simulation. In the screen capture below I have set the total illumination at almost maximum and kept the table lights very dim:

Now we have to wait till July and then cross our fingers hoping that the Kickstarter will be successful this time.


  1. Well, I hope he has better luck with this kickstarter campaign than the last one.. He made a lot of promises to the people that invested in the higher amounts, for these inclusive kits with box sets , reissues of the old series, etc. However, the tables are certainly worth it.
    I'm dong a lot of evaluation on the BlueStacks for Mac pinballs, and I'll have some good news soon.. A lot of work, and a lot of fine tuning also.. but it seems that on the Mac, anyways the Android games increase their resolution going from a "phone" screen to 1680 x 1050. That is something I would have never guessed was possible!
    Cheers. PS Retro pinball has the 1.3 update as of today, and it's got excellent table physics. I really liked it..
    Cheers... Doc

  2. Woohoo, I got the e-mail too. Let's hope for the best and see if the KS campaign will make it to target.