09 January, 2014

Progress report on Timeshock (bis)

Adrian Barritt reports that during the end of the year vacation period the three flippers of Timeshock have been rendered and in a very near future they will be incorporated in a first playable version. 

Here is an image of the lower part of the table

What is really amazing is that in the remastered version of Timeshock there are 880 flipper frames, compared to just 48 in the original version (which explains why rendering the flippers has been a major enterprise).


  1. It's not out yet.. butI fluked onto a screenshot of the newest PInball Arcade table, Hope it's out soon. What do you think?

  2. I discovered a way to increase the size of the Crystal Caliburn table for people who can still play it - i.e., people still on Snow Leopard or lower. Unfortunately the newer crippled versions of OSX can't run PPC apps because Rosetta was rigged to not be able to run on Lion or newer.
    If, however, you still can run Crystal Caliburn, this tip is a real lifesaver for playing the game, unless you have eagle eyes vision, in which case you don't need it ;-)

    Oh PS .. 26 MILLION!! Yay!