11 May, 2014

Farsight’s Junk Yard

No, for once I am not vilifying Farsight. Junk Yard is the name of their new, season 3 table. It just came out and I must say that I like it a lot. 

The scenario is funny: you must collect junk and use it to escape from Crazy Bob's clutches. The table has plenty of interesting stuff: a toilet (!), a magic bus, a demolition ball, to name but a few. Still the playfield is uncluttered and the ball does not drain too easily (except through the outlanes which are a nightmare). Not a very easy game; but definitely one that I have really enjoyed playing.

The difficulty with Junk Yard, as implemented by Farsight, is that one simply cannot find a ball visible over the whole playfield. It’s “White Water” all over again. I experimented with different balls and the golf ball is the one that I found less disconcerting. You can shape your opinion on the ball’s visibility on the screenshot above.

Obviously the new, season 3, prices, with their 100 % increase, are here to stay. But I had decided not to nag at Farsight this time so I will not say more on pricing. (I will certainly have the occasion when they produce a table that I do not like).

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  1. Hello Vasili! Long thyme no sea! ..
    Junkyard.. Yay! I've been waiting for it for a while now.. and in fact was sure it was going to be the previous one, but it seems a last minute change led to the hot rod one instead.
    I'm not entirely sure just why I like it so much..
    Well, I'm not sure it's on steam yet anyways.. I've completely abandoned the App Store version for this season because I couldn't buy a season pass..Apple nixed that option a couple of days after season 3 came out :-(