05 June, 2016

FarSight reaches another milestone

With the release of end-of-May table FarSight has just concluded the Season 5 campaign. And they did it with flourish with a great table that took immediately a place among my favourites. This months table, TX-Sector,  is a table form the 80s with a simple layout but with an interesting game. 

The almost uniformly coloured lower playfield makes for an increased ball visibility (well, provided you shun the standard, "silver", ball). The gameplay is interesting and the ball does not drain too easily. I do not remember any recent pinball where I was hooked from the outset to the same degree as with TX-Sector. I hanged on and managed in the very first game I did play, to beat the high score.

I am always criticising FarSight (and justifiably so). But you have to give it to them. They have become, over the past few years, our steady source of classical pinball tables. With the conclusion of Season 5, they have released no fewer than 72 tables and there are at least two more already announced (Dr. Who and AC/DC). In the bleak landscape of MacOS/iOS pinball simulations FarSight is the one developer one can count upon. At times like this one I am almost ready to forgive all their misgivings.


  1. I agree, actually... iit's easy to forget when compplaining about issues with Farsight that they really, have been the only supplier of real pinballs for the Mac (and iDevices) ... especially since , (sadly), the apparent demise of Little Wing.
    I still remember my barely containable exitement to find out that the people whio did the Goittleib and Williams collection for console were making ones for OSX. I was thrilled!
    So even if there are issues it's nothing compared to not having them at all.
    So maybe 8 Ball deluxe and Royal Flush for Season 6 ? I really didn't think they were seriously ever going to release Fireball, after all, so.. who knows?

  2. Royal Flush and 8-ball Deluxe! That would be the perfect gift. If they do it I am going to think twice (make it thrice) before I complain about FarSight
    Let's keep our fingers crossed Doc.