24 September, 2016

Dr. Who is getting closer

FarSight has just emailed people who had pledged at Kickstarter for a Doctor Who pinball. Apparently a release date is approaching. The screenshots look great. You can judge for yourselves.

No gameplay videos were included in the mail but it seems that one will be available on FarSight's twitch channel on September 29th. The Doctor Who Regenerated  table is on track for a release next month. It goes without saying that I will be reporting on the table as soon as I can lay my hands on it.


  1. If this is a kickstarter table, is it not going to be part of the regular season issues? Or is it just that I get it later?

    1. Hi NIck,
      It will certainly be part of season 6 and everybody will get it at the same time. The only difference is that Kickstarter backers have paid for it in advance.