21 February, 2017

FarSight will always be FarSight (bis)

I know. I have already used this title back in July when commenting about a bug in Pinball Arcade scoring. This time I was playing on my iMac 5K and on the second screen I noticed another instance of jumbled graphics.

I also know that the Mac is not a priority for FarSight and that more serious issues do exist, like he infamous slow-down, which really spoils gameplay. But stil, when you come across situations like this one you can wonder whether there is anyone supervising the Mac-developer's work. (I am using the singular here because I am convinced that at no time are there more than one persons taking care of the Mac port of Pinball Arcade).

Update. I checked the second screen on other, non-5K, iMacs. The graphics are OK there, which means that FarSight is not testing on 5K iMacs.

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