04 May, 2017

Season 7 of Pinball Arcade announced

Back in my March 16th post I was predicting that Cactus Jack's was going to be the last table of Season 6. Well, I was wrong but just by a hairbreadth. Swords of Fury came at the beginning of April and with them Season 6 was indeed completed. In a recent newsletter FarSight teased about the first table of Season 7, Paragon. An oldie (as I like them) and in particular one with graphics by a great artist, Paul Faris. Faris has designed many pinballs starting in the seventies. Two of his creations are already part of the Pinball Arcade: Phantom of the Opera and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. But what FarSight is promising for some time in May is Paragon. Just have a look at the artwork of the backglass.

It's fabulous. Now I am itching to get the Paragon table and take it for a ride. 

By the way, Paul Faris did the graphics for the first Eight Ball pinball in 1977. I have included a picture of the table in my post on Eight Ball tables. Just so that you can appreciate it in its totality I give below a picture of the backglass. 

Still. I like Paragon's backglass artwork much, much more. I don't know, it's its Frazetta-esque quality that attracts me.

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