01 August, 2017

Firepower of FarSight is out

Firepower II is the new table of the Pinball Arcade. As I was saying in my previous blog, thanks to FarSight I have something to write about every month and thus keeping this blog (barely) alive. (More on this in my 5th anniversary post to be published next week). Anyhow, Firepower II is here. 

In fact it is the evolution of a previous table named (you guessed it) Firepower and which had been a very successful one. Most probably Williams, the original maker of the pinball machine, decided to surf on the success of the first Firepower and proposed a "re-charged" sequel (whatever re-charged means). In case you are wondering, here is a view of the playfield of the original Firepower

Well, back to Firepower II. First remark, it's a oldie and thus the gameplay is rather simple. (But, as you know, I do like this). The feature I did like most was the two-ball multiball which automatically has a double score. I would have been interested in playing the original Firepower also, just to be able to compare, but I don't think that now that FarSight opted for the second they are ever going to produce the first one.


  1. I have the Farsight version of the original Firepower. It was in Season Two.

  2. A million thanks David.
    I have written about Firepower in
    and managed to forget about it. It was sandwiched between two other tables that I liked more but now that I know that it exists I will go back and give it a try aagain.