01 January, 2016

iPad Pro: a great pinball machine

I had been dreaming for a big screen iPad from the very first moment I heard rumours concerning such a tablet. The iPad Air is excellent and one can enjoy playing pinball on a 10 inch screen. Even the iPad mini is not bad. Where I draw the line is the iPhone, even for the 6 family with a 4.7 inch screen (I have never tried a 6plus with the 5.5" screen). Playing pinball on such a small screen is utterly frustrating. 

So, when the iPad Pro was announced I did not hesitate and ordered one on the very first day. It was delivered even ahead of schedule and since then it has been my preferred pinball machine. To tell the truth I am not quite convinced that one can do professional level work on the iPad Pro. But this has to do with my specific needs, which involve also running compiled code, something impossible on the iPads. (I wonder why Apple is doing this on a model which is meant for professional use. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that for most people programming means entering a formula in a spreadsheet).

In the photo above you can see for yourselves how huge the Pro screen looks compared to the Air and mini ones. What cannot be conveyed by a mere photo is the sensation of confort while playing pinball on such a screen. The only comparable experience is playing on the 27" iMac screen, but then an iMac is not something you can lug along. (And, no, even a 15" MacBook is not good enough since you can only play in landscape mode). Of course, nothing is perfect in the world. The iPad Pro is immoderately expensive, in particular for a tablet used almost exclusively for games, browsing and video. Still, this is one purchase I do not regret.


  1. Great post. I'm thinking about getting an iPad pro just to play pinball on it. Do the Pinball Arcade tables play well on it? Better than iPad Air? Thank you.

  2. Yes, they do play better.
    But then they play even better on a 27" iMac screen.
    So, investing in an iPadPro is a 100 % personal choice.

  3. I bought an iPad Pro today and your recommendation was spot on. The games play significantly better on it. It's a much more immersive experience all the way around, including better sound, and obviously better visuals. Thank you for steering me in the right direction. I also have a new 5k 27" iMac. Now I'm temped to play on that as well, but I really like holding the iPad in my lap while playing. It seems very natural doing so.

    I think I read through your entire blog. Very well done. I enjoy it immensely!