30 October, 2012

Best digital pinballs

Following a tweet of the ProPinball team I ended up at g4tv.com where they were presenting their list of top 5 "virtual pinball tables". The results were not a big surprise. Here's the list

1. Theater of magic (Pinball Arcade)
2. Fantastic journey (Pro Pinball)
3. Funhouse (Pinball Arcade)
4. Marvel pack of pinball fx2 (Zen Studios)
5. Timeshock (Pro Pinball)

That got me thinking. What would be my top 10 list? So, here it is

1. BigRace USA (Pro Pinball)
2. Funhouse (Pinball Arcade)
3. Monster Fair (Littlewing)
4. The Web (Pro Pinball)
5. Crystal Caliburn II (Littlewing)
6. Timeshock (Pro Pinball)
7. Believe it or not (Pinball Arcade)
8. Fantastic Journey (Pro Pinball)
9. Fairy Tower (Littlewing)
10. Mad Daedalus (Littlewing)

with a special mention for Tristan  (Littlewing). All four Pro Pinballs are there but you may remark that my favourite ones are not the ones most people prefer. Littlewing has also four pinballs in the top 10 (to say nothing of the special mention one). The two Pinball Arcade tables are the ones by Pat Lawlor. I also like a lot the third one in this collection (No good goffers) but I find it somewhat hard to play: there are moments when it is almost impossible to follow the ball. Why on earth people do not follow the example of Littlewing's iOS ball? It is so shiny that you can never miss it.

P.S. While compiling the top 10 list I realised that the blog entry for Monster Fair and Fairy Tower was never published. It only existed in limbo as a draft. This is now remedied,  (with my apologies to Littlewing, my favourite digital pinball designers). 

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  1. Well, I notice nobody mentioned MY favorite.. It was supposed to come out on AMTEX, and never did, It is Fireball. Until my Vista install went wonky and no longer wil run visual pinball, I found a few recreations of "Fireball" that were superb.. I can't see why Farsight hasn't considered it, since all their other pinballs are dead ringers for the Visual Pinball versions, (or had you noticed that?).
    Now I haven't had the opportunity to play all of them them and see if they play like the visual pinball versions, but I saw a few YT videoos,, and a whole lot of screenshots.. and can tell you with assurance that every single Farsight table is a dead ringer for the corresponding VP version. Certainly the Snow Leopard version I have, with Arabian Nights etc.. IS exactly like the VP one I had, as are the other 3 tables in the basic game. I can only conclude that they MUST therefore have gotten started by making VP tables.