02 October, 2012

The dream will come true

While it seems that we are not going to get a new Pat Lawlor table, one thing is 100 % sure upon reading the recent mail from Silverball Studios: ProPinball is coming back.

It may take more time than what was initially planned, there may be "a few less bells and whistles" but the important thing is that ProPinball, the four tables we adore, the ones we have spent whole hours on, is coming back. Not only on the Mac but on the iPad as well. A few months back that was just a wild dream.

I am burning with impatience but one must know how to wait. In the meantime there will be regular updates here, as soon as Silverball releases them.

It's a pity we will not have a new Pat Lawlor table. Let us hope at least that Farsight Studios, the makers of Pinball Arcade, who have already published "Ripley's Believe it or Not", "Funhouse" and "No good gofers", are going to publish the remaining Lawlor classics.

1 comment:

  1. It would have been great if the kickstarter was funded, but still positive news they're planning to continue one way or another. Maybe in the future that Pat Lawlor table will come. For now I'm enjoying his No Good Gofers. :D