22 November, 2012

A new Zen Pinball

Zen Studios are producing new pinball tables at a sustained rhythm and from time to time there is one that I find nice. This time it's the Tesla pinball that I did enjoy for a while.

For once the cluttered table does not bother me much: it is a tribute to Tesla's laboratory.

As is customary my critique with pinballs has to do with the ball. While the ball of Zen Pinballs is quite visible for an unfathomable reason it has an unrealistic "contrail" which I abhor. Moreover why did the developers festoon the table with spheres of the same size and brilliance as the playing ball? Well, at least they are situated towards the upper part and they do not make following the ball more difficult. 

1 comment:

  1. The magnetic field puts me a bit off. Maybe I just need to practice more, but I can't seem to find the logic and end up hammering the flippers in hopes of finishing that part. ;)