16 December, 2012

A tribute to Pat Lawlor

With the last update of Pinball Arcade by Farsight we were treated to one of the great classic pinball tables by Pat Lawlor: Twilight Zone. 

It is a great pinball, really fun to play with a great lot of different things. The more I am playing, the more I like this game. 

I profit from this post in order to list the Pat Lawlor tables already available in Pinball Arcade. They are: Ripley's Believe it or not 

(the most recent and perhaps the most sophisticated of the lot),
No Good Gofers

and the oldest of the lot, Funhouse 

which is my favourite.
Now we must keep our fingers crossed for a recreation of Addams Family.

And when we are at it perhaps we can keep them crossed a bit longer in the hope that when the classic Pro Pinballs are revived they will meet with such a success that there will be enough funds to finance a new Pat Lawlor table. 


  1. I could not get into the Twilight table. The ball keeps draining on me. The layout is too fragmented for my taste. Shoot the ball from right to left and because of the short distance to the obstacles you'll get the ball very fast back. Also the poor ball visibility does not help.

    There's a new table from Farsight I like much better: StarTrek TNG. But perhaps it's because I was a fan of the TV series. ;)

    Btw. Funhouse is my favorite Pat Lawlor table too. :)

    1. Hi Marco,

      I agree 100 % on the ball draining too often when shot from right towards the left. It's really making me mad at times.
      Perhaps playing in full screen on the Mac may improve playability a little.
      Entry on Star Trek coming soon.

  2. Looking forward to it. Merry christmas. :)