27 December, 2012

Pinball Arcade update and the Star Trek table

Farsight has updated Pinball Arcade on the occasion of the publication of its 20th table, Star Trek, and has overhauled the app interface. 

First about Star Trek 

I do like this table. It is uncluttered in its lower part, which allows for a less frustrating game, even with the almost invisible ball of Farsight (more on this latter). The game is fast and, although less funny than some other games I can think of, quite enjoyable.

The new interface makes landscape play mandatory. While this is more or less OK for the iPad, it does make playing on the iPhone next to impossible. Moreover the landscape orientation makes for almost incessant scrolling which, combined with the bad visibility of the ball, adds a stress factor to a game which I at least would have liked to be relaxing. 

Speaking of the ball ..., I purchased the pro version of Twilight Zone hoping to have some choice on the ball. Unfortunately the only existing choices add texture (and most often only colour) on the standard ball thus making its visibility even worse. Please Farsight, do something.

1 comment:

  1. I also like the Star Trek table, especially since I'm a fan of the series. Thanks for the heads up on the pro version ball. If it would make a difference on the visibility I could be persuaded to invest some more. But clearly it doesn't so I'll stick with the regular version. Anyway, Happy New Year and the best wishes for 2013. :) To Boldly Go Where No Pinball Has Gone Before ;)