26 May, 2013

Farsight inaugurates Season Two

Farsight is continuing its steady production of classical pinball tables with what they call the Season Two collection. The first two tables are both oldies. I did like Centaur

a lot. Of course, playing on a black and white tabletop with a grey ball is a nightmare but this is one of the rare cases where the custom, coloured, balls that Farsight proposes may help. For this pinball I would prefer a green ball since the only green light is at the upper part of the table and would not cause any confusion. All in all the game is interesting and given that the ball does not drain too easily one can enjoy the game.

The second game, Pinbot,

is simply not interesting. Despite the fact that the tabletop is uncluttered (always a plus for me) I did not enjoy playing it. However I am well aware that this is a matter of personal taste, so your opinion on this point may differ from mine.

(This entry is labeled as iOS only but given the experience on how Farsight does things it is most probable that very soon the OSX version of these two pinballs will become available).

Note added

It's done. Mac version is out.


  1. I've been playing around with Pinbot and Centaur, both classics. Pinbot is a really challenging table. Many balls will drain without you hitting the ball once. So it is quite important to practice nudging skills. But if you mangage to keep the ball alive it is a very satisfying table. Centaur has some interesting elements, like the ball coming back in play from the outlane and is fun to play. I noticed it has many similar sounds as 8 Ball Deluxe. That's also one I hope Farsight will include in their Pinball Arcade one day.

  2. I have revised my view of the Farsight tables, now I've got the mac ones going. Although i never actually *disliked* them, I now definitely think they're a far sight better (punintentional) than most other tables, and much better looking and playing than their android versions. Especially after my discovering there are settings for graphics quality!
    That said, their tables somehow appear more cluttered and difficult to see the ball, which is strange, as the corresponding Visual Pinball versions have WAY more detail, resolution, and , in general, "bells and whistles", (although they're very *functional* Bells and whistles")
    Pinbot is a good example. The VP version just ROCKS!!. I don't care at all for the Farsight one, in comparison to JP Salas's or Uncle Willy's visual pinball versions .. These guys are SOO good at making tables, that Farsight can NEVER hope to rise to their level . I still do like the Pinball Arcade series overall, however, partly because it's Mac native, and because it's quite responsive.
    If Farsight ever decides to do 8 Ball Deluxe, I hope they take a good look at the VP versions, also the VP ones of Royal Flush and Fireball.. I do think they could pull it off.. Judging by Central Park and Big Shot, they're pretty good at the older machines. Still my favorite pinball machines, the old ones.
    Except for something I'll comment about in your Zen Pinball post..
    What an awesome Pinball.. er.. sim?