16 May, 2013

A small improvement

My friend Doc/Nick is back after a long absence and while he was trying to catch up with the blog entries he spotted something that can only be qualified as my sloppiness. I tend not to make any distinction between Mac pinballs and iPad/iPhone ones. However not everybody have an iDevice and thus a distinction is mandatory. So, from now on (and perhaps going back over the most recent posts) I introduce a small logo based on the following images, for Macs

and for iDevices

If a pinball comes out simultaneously for both platforms (as is often the case for Farsight) I will blend the two logos. In that way there will be a visual guide for people interested in digital pinball simulations. 

1 comment:

  1. Works for me :-) I wouldn't have really called it "sloppiness", rather, you're going with the flow, as Macs are falling far behind those iDevices, and I don't think many folks even consider that anymore.
    Me, I like my desktop.. I like to breath the fresh air when I go out and not shut the world out focusing on my iThing , like so many folks do nowadays in public.. It's the old "Walkman:" complaint all over again. Only us older folks can remember when the Walkman cam,e out , they said it would lead to a huge increase in car accidents, and social misfits everywhere who'd tuned out the world.. (so OK maybe they were right about the social misfits ;-)
    Cheers .. Doc