21 February, 2014

A new Zen pinball table

Let me state from the outset that I do not like the tables of Zen Studio. Too many moving things distract from the pure simulation. One does not have the feeling of playing a pinball but rather a video game which incidentally has a ball moving around, a ball one hits with flippers. Of course this is a question of taste and other people may very well think differently. I must also point out that the physics of the Zen pinballs is not bad (not tops, but acceptable) and the graphics are excellent. Still, for me, the game play is uninteresting.

So I am not going to buy the new, football themed, table, all the more so since I do not like football at all (but one never knows, I might change my mind one day, about buying the table, not about footbal). The new table is called Super League-Zen Studios F.C. 

If anybody has played this game it would be interesting to have their impressions in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. Well. I have played it. I got it approximately 15 minutes after it came out.. (by coincidence. I'm not sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the second a new table is scheduled to come out !)
    There's both good and bad about this table. I doid not think I would like it, either, as I am not European, for starters, so have never really picked up on "football fever".. or "soccer" as they call it here.. What they call "football" here is "gay rugby" ;-).
    Firstly, I was a little disheartened at the different screen offered.. there's 9 different tables for sale, equating to 9 different teams. In principle you're supposed to pick just one team, and stick to it, according to the Zen publicity guru. but they couldn't resist the lure of possible extra cash so this table really has 9 different teams one can buy, which will drive completists bonkers, because that's 9 times $2.99 for tables that really only have different colors.. I think.
    I didn't like that much choice. There's been psycological studies that have concluded that it's too much choice that is partially responsible for the epidemic of unhappiness these days.
    Once playing it, though, I found it not overly commplicated with moving gizmos, but actually the closest thing to a pinball game Zen has yet made. And it was difficult I am definitely going to try it again next time I boot into Lion..
    Lastly.. let's stick with "Doc" in future, no? Be much simpler, and matches my email ;-)