18 February, 2014

Farsight plods onwards

The new, season three, table of Farsight arrived to Pinball Arcade. As per the new practices this pinball offers a single table at the same price which bought you a pair of tables in seasons one and two.  (I wonder why aren't people yelling at Farsight, but then this probably goes with the passivity which characterises the modern times).

 Anyhow, the new table is Black Night 2000

As my friend Doc/Nick has predicted I did not like it. As always I cannot understand why the Farsight people do not abandon the silver, reflecting, ball. The game (like most Farsight pinballs) is totally unplayable with it. Fortunately this can be somewhat improved using the white ball, as you can judge from the screenshot below

Nick suggests using a green ball, which makes sense, given that there are no green hues on the table. You can try both white and green and settle for the one that suits you better.

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