12 April, 2014

High Speed by Farsight

Usually I am announcing the new pinball by Farsight in a more neutral way. This time I am making an exception. High Speed

is a pinball I like. The theme is fun, the gameplay interesting and the table uncluttered. Of course, not everything is perfect. The ball is, at times, too fast, in particular when coming out of the ramps, which makes follow-up somewhat tricky. Moreover it drains a tad too easily to my taste. Also the colours of the table are too gaudy and the only solution I found is to play with the white (ivory?) ball. Fortunately the latter remains visible even in multiball situations so I should not complain.

The one thing that remains unacceptable is the price but I don't think Farsight is going to revert to more customer-friendly prices.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, white ball works best. I like this one, a first in a while. The sound samples remind me of El Dorado, even though that's a Gotlieb. Fun thing for me with this table is that I wanted to design a pinball myself years ago. After many notes and drawings I ended up with a table very similar in idea to this one. :P