05 April, 2014

Pure Pinball: T-Rex Savage

Another pinball I had been playing as of late is T-Rex Savage of the Pure Pinball line (alas, a line of just one till now). The one thing I must say about this pinball is that it is graphically very nice. 

Although the table is somewhat cluttered, the play does not suffer from this. Also the only really moving thing, T-Rex’s head, is tucked away at some corner where it does intrude upon the gameplay. Moreover the ball does not drain too easily so as to spoil the game and the duration of the ball save is quite generous. The physics on the other hand is so-so. In particular I find that the flippers are not very accurate. 

After playing a few times I did not find the game interesting enough to get me hooked (even temporarily). Still given the price, roughly 40 % that of a Farsight season-three table, one can give it a try without second thoughts.

Legendo Entertainment, the company producing, among others, Pure Pinball, has a new pinball in preparation: Attack on Pearl Harbor. Given the superb graphics of their Pearl Harbor aerial battle games this is a pinball I am looking forward to.

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