07 July, 2014

FC Barcelona pinball

I am writing this post only because the FCB pinball went free a few days ago. I grabbed it and gave it a try. Had it not been free I would never had payed for it: I am not at all a football fan and do not care for Barcelona all that much.

The one thing that one notices immediately is that it was developped by Legendo Entertainment who have also produced Pure Pinball. Same (good) quality of graphics, same (quite acceptable) physics engine, and I find that FCB has an even better layout than PPP. You even get to shoot at the goalie (a non-trivial task).

I did enjoy playing the game for a while. Those who had downloaded it while it was free, can enjoy a casual play now and then. Should one pay more than two euros for this game? Definitely not, unless one is a FC Barcelona fan. 

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you're doing OK and still playing pinball, Basil! Is it (FCB) no longer free? One day I *am* going to get an iPad to try all the pinballs that never got ported to OSX. I seem to have lost my 64bit Vista CD, so I can't repair my Win HD, which has all my backups, DMG archives, and all the Windows pinballs. One day files just started disappearing from my windows hard drive, until now many of my folders are entirely empty. Weird...
    PS I'm doing OK also, other than a fair bit of pain.. there's computer videos for that though, I've discovered!
    Cheers.. Doc