13 July, 2014

Going to the Casino with Farsight

The new pinball table of Farsight is out and it is a beauty. High Roller Casino is a rather recent table from Stern. It is festooned with various casino games and moreover there’s a (small but perfectly functioning) roulette wheel as well as a slot machine. 

The graphics are very nice and, curiously, I could play this pinball with the standard ball. I tried the black one but I did not notice any improvement in the confort of gameplay. 

The game is amusing with many things to do. The table layout is to my taste with an uncluttered playfield. The ball does not drain too easily and thus one can really enjoy this game. And, by the way, this is the third Farsight pinball in a row that I do like. Either they improved their choice of pinballs or my standards have gone down.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this is a fairly decent game and plays enjoyable. I'm not sure about the ball. I actually only play with the white ball on most Farsight tables (Of course White Water will not improve with white.). But contrast not only comes from the ball but the playfield as well.