04 March, 2015

Zen pinball new tables

As you probably have noticed by now, I do not like particularly the pinballs of Zen Studios. Obviously this does not apply to all their pinballs, since there are quite a few that I do like. In fact, what I do not like are the exaggerated animations that make their pinballs un-pinball-like. Certainly there are people who do like such pinballs, otherwise Zen Studios would have gone out of business long ago.

The two new tables, just released by Zen fall in the category of excessive animation. Of course both, Castlestorm

and Wild West Rampage

look great graphically and the physics is OK. However, after watching a long video of gameplay, I decided that these two tables were not for me. It’s probably because I am old school when it comes to pinball and I prefer tables that do mimic electromechanical pinballs as faithfully as possible.

It goes without saying that this is not a negative review but just a statement of my personal taste and thus you are invited to have a look at these new tables and decide whether you find them attractive.


  1. Hoiw are you? Actually, regarding table choice, this is certainly where we differ.. There's really two types of pinball I like best..The really old mechanical ones such as Fireball or 8 Ball Deluxe, or the over the top ones with all the bells and whistles.. more video game than pinball.. provided they're done well, of course, and that I can see the ball.. As such I'm looking forward to being able to obtain these new tables.. perhaps for my birthday. I have a bad tendancy to lose interest easily, so the bell and whistle tables are good that way..

  2. Check out the new Zec update. They phi ally got the physics perfect if you set it to arcade and the new table is sweet. Think you will enjoy it!