01 March, 2015

Atomic Pinball

While reading the reader comments on Timeshock and Addams Family reviews in Toucharcade I stumbled upon a comment of somebody who was highly recommending Atomic Pinball. I was intrigued and went over to the iTunes store to download the game. It turned out that It(s a pinball we already knew I have written about the first table, Revenge of the Rob-o-bot, in a previous post of mine.

The new version of the pinball comes with a new name and a new table: Masks of Glory.

The spanish sub-title, Leyendas de Lucha Libre, makes clear what is this all about. I spent some time with the game which has great graphics, quite acceptable physics, and a simple but not-uninteresting gameplay. 

Reporting on Rob-o-bot I was saying that I found the game rather cute. The same does apply on Masks of Glory. It is not a great pinball but it is well above the trash that infests the iTunes store. I will keep an eye open for more releases by Color Monkey (as is the new name of Nena Innovation, who produced Rob-o-bot and Dino Madness).

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