02 May, 2015

Another Zen pinball: Rebels

This one was announced by AppAdvice even before the Age of Ultron. (By the way, I find that AppAdvice presents new apps and games in a highly biased way: for instance when it comes to pinballs the ones that are presented in a detailed article are the pinballs by Zen. I even wrote them when Timeshock came out but this “best in the iOS world” pinball never managed to be honoured by a mention in the AppAdvice pages. I do not know what is happening here, unless the articles in AppAdvice are just a veiled advertisement).

Rebels is a pinball table in the Star Wars series. It is a typical Zen table: highly 3-dimensional with plenty of moving parts and, as always, superb graphics. I looked for a video of gameplay in YouTube and it sufficed in order to convince me that I was going to pass on this pinball. In fact, I find these animations of Zen a perversion of the pinball spirit. I am sure that they consider them the next revolution in pinball. For myself they are non-pinball-ish to the point that I am not willing to give these Zen games even a single try.

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