01 May, 2015

Jack•bot pinball by Farsight

The new Farsight pinball is out: Jack•bot. It is the third pinball of a series which includes Pin•Bot and the Bride of Pin•Bot, already released by Farsight. As is becoming a tendency, given the most recent releases of Farsight, the game first became available on the Mac and only a week or so after was it released for the iPad.

It’s a nice game with a casino-inspired theme. I did enjoy playing it on my iPad, although  I did not have enough time given the late release of the iOS version and since I feel that I have to update the blog without undue delay. (I must make clear at this point that I prefer to invest in iOS tables rather than Mac ones since the iPad is my gaming device par excellence. Still, I must admit, and I have done so on many occasions, that a big screen Mac offers a much better gaming experience). The table is uncluttered but I was not able to find a satisfactory choice for the ball. Given the tables colours following the ball becomes at times a real challenge. All in all this is a nice game and I do prefer it over its two siblings.

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