01 October, 2015

F-14 Tomcat by Farsight

The new, season 5, pinball of Farsight is here. This time we are treated to a table from the 80s: F-14 Tomcat.

The first thing I noticed when I tried to play the game was that the ball looked somehow darker than before. Has Farsight tweaked the ball? If yes, the changes are for the worse. Judge for yourself: compare the visibility of the standard ball and the green one

still a far from perfect solution.

I did the terrible mistake of playing the game just after trying the latest Zaccaria one. After the sluggish ASK Homework simulation I found myself in a top-speed pinball and it took me some time to adapt. That was not my only mistake. For once I let the music on and I must say that the F-14 Tomcat's soundtrack is simply awful. As a result I did not like this pinball in the least. But perhaps this is a bit unfair. Had I tried the game under different circumstances I might have liked it better.

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