17 January, 2016

Zen Star Wars tables

Zen Studios have just released two new tables for their Star Wars collection. As you have most probably noticed this collection is the one I like the least. Too many animations spoil the pinball gameplay. It remains that the two new tables, The Force Awakens

and Might of the First Order

are graphically superb and if you can stand this kind of pinballs you could give them a try. I have watched a video of the gameplay and this sufficed for me. In fact, just by watching the video I found the table of the Force somewhat cluttered while the one of the Might was more to my taste. Be that as it may I will not be playing these two games. On the other hand I do not forget that I promised to do a post on what my friend Nick has dubbed the Zen Pinball 1 tables. I will do it some day.

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