07 February, 2016

Two nice oldies by FarSight

This month FarSight has reserved a pleasant surprise for us all (well, at least for myself). Instead of the stingy, single table, release we got a double treat with two oldie tables. The first, ElDorado,

is a classic. Its playfield was used in several tables which have become classics on their own right. ElDorado, City of Gold is one of those, and has already been released by FarSight. While I hated City of Gold because of the garish colours that were making the choice of a visible ball practically impossible, I did like ElDorado a lot. Of course the gameplay is somewhat simplistic, even by the 70s standards but I do appreciate an uncluttered playfield. My only regret is that the flippers do not seem to be strong enough and it is not always easy to reach the upper targets.

The second table, Fireball, 

is more sophisticated, with a unique feature, the flipper-zipper. The zipper, when activated, moves the flippers close together making it very difficult to let the ball drain. A magnet spinner in the middle of the field shifts the ball to random directions. 

Since I do like old tables, I did appreciate this release quite a lot. Moreover it showed that FarSight is not hostile at the idea of reviving old classics. So, there is hope that one day we'll see 8-ball Deluxe or Royal Flush as part of the Pinball Arcade.


  1. FIREBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes!!! Now only 8 Ball Deluxe and Royal Flush remain (although there's a sort of royal flush one already, I think).
    I rmust have requested Fireball on their blog about a dozen times, and it also came up pretty high on the vote for tables everyone wanted to see...
    Time to boot into Lion, I think...

  2. Well, had some time with both, and the verdict is in. Winners! Except for one minor niggle. The haven't used the original tables sound..in fact it's the same sounds as Central park. I can't recall now if it applied to both tables, or just one.. but I think it was both.
    I'll check it out again today. Of course these tables had just bells and dingers and such, but they were usually different for every table.
    Even so It's just a very minor issue. The tables are easy to see the ball on, and not in the least cluttered without being empty.
    PS.. Apple has now really done it with shoddy apps in their app store. Don't they check these things out first? The latest addition to the app store pinballs is what has to be the worst pinball ever.. it should get an award for being so horrible. It's "Chalk pinball" and yes.. the bumpers and side are really drawn with chalk. There's only two bumpers that I could tell.. I haven't played it because it's not free, unbelievably. I can't believe the developer wants $2 for it! Even so one look at that table and you know that it's awful. It looks a little bit like, but is significantly worse than, Snowball (not the well done Pinball HD's "Snow Pinball" but "snowball"). Snowball is another very rough 2D hand drawn game but it at least has places for the ball to go.
    "Chalk Pinball" does not. I don't expect to see another pinball this bad for years...
    Well I have Fireball.. and Eldorado also is MUCH better than "City of Gold".
    Think I'm going to thank Farsight on their blog.. They should get feedback when they get it very right.