21 February, 2016

FarSight's Hurricane

The new FarSight pinball is out. 
Just after the Kickstarter campaign for Dr. Who completed successfully (they managed to collect 70 k dollars which was indeed what they were needing in order to port this table: they had planned to use the Addams Family over-pledge in order to bring the amount required to a more modest 54 k) the FarSight production line released a new table: Hurricane.

The table's theme is amusement park based. It features all the standard attractions: Roller coasters, Ferris wheels, shooting galeries etc. The one feature that I did like most was the revolving, back-glass, wheel. For once I am including a screenshot of this as well. (Perhaps I should have been doing this more often).

The game is perfectly playable in particular with the green ball. The playfield is uncluttered and the presence of the ramps adds just enough difficulty (and spice) to the game play. This is one of the FarSight tables that I did like. (And, to tell the truth, most of the time my criticisms are targeted at FarSight's sloppiness and not at the games themselves).


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  2. I have too say I really like hurricane. So far they're 3 for 3 with me. Better than the average.I'm not such a big fan of the busy new tables, despite my likeing the completely unrealistic tables of Zen 2.. I like the simplicity of the old EM tables.. which is not simplicity as in emptiness but "simplicity of approach". Fireball is one. The spinner is a dud tough and looks to just be in for show - doesn't actually do anything. The moving flippers work as advertised though...
    PS Vasil.. I have a quite a few thoughts on the new Timeshock release but I am not finished writing it yet. Will let you know when I'm done.