11 May, 2016

A bizarre but original pinball

Last week a new pinball made its appearance. To tell the truth the question is: is it a pinball at all or what I usually brush aside as a game with flippers? Had I decided that the game belonged definitely to the second class I wouldn't have bothered writing about it here. But the new game, INKS, is intriguing

As a pinball the game is a very simplistic one and the physics are adequate but not something to write home about. The aim of the game is to hit all coloured targets and have colours spill around creating patterns which may appear pleasant to the eye (it depends on one's personal taste). While the first levels are very simple, later on the game becomes more of a puzzle which, at times, can even be frustrating.

I did play the game up to and including one set of levels which one has to purchase in-app. I must admit that it was rather fun playing the game while it lasted. Will I be going back to INKS? Certainly not. Although the idea is original it is not really a pinball. Still, if you can spare two dollars, it is worth a try.


  1. Um wow.. instead of pen and ink, or mouse in a graphics program.. now you can use a pinball table to draw your picasso masterpieces!
    Yes, I would definitely say the creators of this table were thinking "outside the box". In fact, for that alone.. top marks.
    I would think that *most* people would tire of this rather quickly.. but some would take up the challenge and who knows what will come of it?. I think it's a case of wait and "watch this space" for further developments.. don't you also? As Spock used to say every Startrek episode ... "Fascinating" !

  2. I just found it is a free download from within the 'Apple Store' app. Not sure if it's region specific.