23 May, 2016

No, this is not a pinball

If you search toucharcade.com with the keyword pinball you will find that they apply the term "pinball" in a somewhat loose way. Of course many (most?) of the classics are there (the articles on Zen Pinballs being the most prominent), but you'll find also many games which are not pinballs at all, games where flippers are used in order to push the ball around. One such game is Pinball Breaker Forever.

It is just a brick breaking game where instead of a reflecting pad one uses flippers. One can forget the physics and the graphics are definitely not to my liking (but, remember, this last point is just a question of personal taste).

Speaking of breaker games with pinballs I prefer and by far, ZenDots. It is not really a pinball but at least it is a clever game: coloured balls are falling from the upper part when you hit them and what you have to do is not let the white ball drain.

A few days ago I wrote a post on INKS to which I accepted (grudgingly) to confer the status of pinball, essentially because of its originality. However Pinball Breaker Forever is a no-go. This is not a pinball and after having played a little with it (just the time to make a screenshot) I am going to forget about its existence.


  1. OK.. agreed... The secret's , I think, in the name, perhaps? After all... "Pinball's 'Broken' Forever" ( ! )