03 October, 2016

Dr. Who is here

Just a few days after FarSight's announcement concerning the Kickstarter funded Dr. Who table, the pinball is here. And it's a beauty. After spending frustrating moments with Eight Ball Deluxe it was a real pleasure to lay my hands on this nice pinball. Everything in this game is great. The table is high in colours

but once you choose the right ball (in my case, a green one) it is very easy to play. Even in multiball you do not have any difficulty following the balls. The gameplay is interesting, with many different things to do. Even the sound effects (which I usually turn off) ore OK. There is also a video mode, but I must admit that (at least for the time being) I am very bad at it. 

My usual test of playability of a pinball is to try to reach the lower high score, which I did on the very second try. Now I have to keep playing for some time before I start climbing the high score ladder. However one should not get the impression, from this very positive account of mine, that Dr. Who is a trivially easy game. For instance while the ball does not drain too easily (Eight Ball, I am looking at you) try to stop it with your flipper at your own risk: if the ball has a more than minimal momentum you will see it disappear down the central drain before you can react. 

To put it in a nutshell, if you are looking for a nice pinball to spend a few dollars and quite a few hours on, do not hesitate.

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